Butter CrayonTM

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The Better Way to ButterTM

Butter a Hot Pan for Eggs

Fried eggs cooking in a hot pan with butter bubbling up around them. Yum.

Fast and even coverage without burning your finger or having to do the pan-tilting butter dance.

Piles of Toast in Seconds

A toaster on the counter with a stack of 8 poieces of toast in the foreground.

No more having to use a knife to cut a pat of butter off of a hard stick and shreding the toast.

Perfect Grilled Sandwiches

A skilled chef flips a grilled cheese sandwhich over onto a perfect square of butter that was melted onto the griddle with the Butter Crayon.

Get exact placement and re-butter with ease when flipping for perfect results on both sides.

Welcome to the Butter Crayon Revolution!

Share your thoughts & cooking skills with us at @thebuttercrayon

The Better Way to ButterTM

  High-temp to 450o F

  Won't Scratch Pans

  Keeps Butter Fresh

  FDA Food-Safe

  BPA Free

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