What Makes the Butter Crayon Unique?

What Makes the Butter Crayon Unique?

Problem #1: Butter comes in 3 different sizes

Although they each come in a one-pound package, there are 3 sizes of butter. Eastern sticks are ¼ pound each and are longer and thinner. Western sticks are ¼ pound each and are shorter and wider. European blocks are 1-pound rectangles.


Solution: Enter the Butter Transformer™. It’s like a deep cookie cutter that quickly and easily creates Eastern sticks out of Western sticks or European blocks, so they fit into the Butter Crayon® dispenser precisely. It is included with every Butter Crayon® so all sizes of butter will fit perfectly!


Problem #2: A hot pan will melt a plastic butter dispenser

Buttering a hot pan for making eggs or a grilled cheese sandwich can involve temperatures up to 450 degrees, which would melt typical plastic dispensers.

Solution: The housing of the Butter Crayon® is made of high temperature, FDA food-safe silicone. It can withstand 450 degrees of direct contact with the hot pan or griddle.


Problem #3: Advancing the butter out of the dispenser

There must be a way to advance the butter precisely just beyond the housing so it can be applied to a pan, casserole dish, or food.

Solution: The block in the Butter Crayon performs this function perfectly. Just push up to the desired amount and apply. As the exposed butter is used, just push it up a bit more. The butter is held in place by squeezing the flexible housing against the hard block with normal hand grip pressure.


Problem #4: The surface being buttered may not be corn-on-the-cobb.

There are dispensers that are dedicated exclusively to corn-on-the-cobb, so they have a curved profile.

Solution: The Butter Crayon housing is a flat surface, so it works great on corn-on-the-cobb, but also works great on a hot pan, toast, pancakes, asparagus, casserole dish, etc. Much more versatile.


Problem #5: Getting the butter back into the dispenser

When you’re done buttering, you must get the butter to go back into the dispenser.

Solution: The cap of the Butter Crayon pushes the remaining butter back into the dispenser and seals it in there, so it stays fresh in the refrigerator for the next use.


Problem #6: Beyond the butter knife & dish

There are butter knives, and heated butter knives, but they all require you cut the butter off a rock-hard stick. You have little control over the amount of butter, still need a dispenser like a butter dish, and end up with a dirty knife to clean.

Solution: The Butter Crayon gives you precise control for toast, a hot pan, or a casserole dish. It is the dispenser, so a butter dish is no longer needed. And no dirty knife to clean.


Problem #7: Want fancy stars or ribbons of butter, or 1 tablespoon exactly for baking

There are high-pressure extruders that push out a ribbon of butter or a star, or a heart shape. And there are butter cutters that cut an exact tablespoon or more for baking.

Solution: Butter Crayon is not made for these use cases. IT solves problems that these other devices cannot approach like getting even coverage in a hot pan for eggs or grilled cheese sandwich, piles of toast in seconds, or covering a casserole dish quickly and easily. You will use it daily!


Problem #8: Flavored butters are messy logs

People love cinnamon-sugar butter, cinnamon-honey butter, garlic butter, and other compound herb butters. They are often rolled up to harden in the refrigerator, then used.

Solution: Mix your ¼ pound stick of butter with your ingredients, but don’t let it get too soft. Put it into the Butter Transformer and compress it using the block, then push it out and refrigerate it to harden it up again. Now the flavored eastern sized blocks can be easily loaded into a Butter Crayon. Now that’s living the gourmet butter lifestyle!

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